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Why you are always welcome to join Miracles?


Miracles Realty Group strives to produce ENLIGHTENED ACHIEVERS on SALES and MANAGEMENT through an UNITED and HARMONIOUS DRIVEN CULTURE, who in turn will produce many other ENLIGHTENED ACHIEVERS who will carry this winning spirit.Our Salespersons each focus in their own GTA, creating an extensive network which they can tap into to serve their clients' needs.


We believe in order to reach our mission:
A happy and harmonious relationship between the trinity of Management, Team Leaders and Associates is the key element.
In the midst of seeking quantity of associates, we do not lose the quality.
Continuous and Never Ending Improvement will form the core of our management activities like training, coaching, counseling and mentoring.
We must strive to help achieve individual dreams through personal success in real estate.
A winning culture of “I believe in MIRACLES” will be inherited by every achiever.


With building wealth and financial freedom as the core direction, training inevitably becomes the key focus and strength of Miracles Realty Group. Miracles Realty Group Real Estate Training is the work of a group of committed team leaders who are enthusiastic in training. Its core mission is to produce outstanding salespersons and managers who have the drive, right attitude and most importantly the burning desire to succeed in the real industry.
Over the past few years, we have produced many successful individuals to become great salespersons and managers.
Implanted with a CANI (Continuous And Neverending Improvement) mindset, all trainers and facilitators are constantly improving their knowledge and skills through upgrading courses so as to remain competent in their fields. With a strong belief of “I can be successful, so can YOU!”, the team leaders strive to impart their knowledge, experience and skills to help equip all its attendees for the challenging real estate market.
With an amazing track record, we are confident that you will excel in the industry if you decide to give your heart and soul in all the trainings.
With that, we wish you a wonderful and enriching time of learning with us and look forward to hear your success story soon.

Miracles Training

Whether you are an aspiring real estate salesperson, an experienced salesperson, or a management personnel who wants to establish your own sales team, Miracles provide field tested, results proven trainings that cater to your specific aspiration.

We also conduct regular workshops and seminars to keep our salespersons updated on the ever changing real estate regulations and market sentiments.

Miracles Real Estate Departments

Led by different Heads of Department, Miracles Realty Group provides a full range of real estate services to our clients :


- Private Residential

- Landed Properties

- Industrial Properties

- Commercial Properties

- Luxury Properties

- Market Research

- Real Estate Investments

Geographical Targeted Area (GTA) Singapore

Our Salespersons each focus in their own GTA, creating an extensive network which they can tap into to serve their clients' needs.

Overseas Properties

With our extensive network, we provide investment opportunities outside of Singapore so our clients can be exposed to opportunities in the region.


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